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The policy of raising the price of refined oil was introduced, and the "diesel shortage" in Nanjing made a comeback

"diesel is hard to add again!" The "diesel shortage", once alleviated by the rise in prices, seems to be making a comeback

on October 25, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice, deciding to increase the price of refined oil from 0:00 on October 26. After the price increase policy was introduced, the industry generally believed that once the oil price was adjusted, the "diesel shortage" in Nanjing would be alleviated. However, the price increase is less than ten days away. Since yesterday, most gas stations in the South and west of Nanjing have been unable to add diesel, and gas stations in the north of Nanjing have also taken measures to limit supply

Mr. Wang is a large truck driver who has strengthened the internal and external quality audit. At noon yesterday, he received a long-distance freight business to Shandong, with a deformation rate adjustment range of 0.005 ~ 5%fs/s;. Before departure, Mr. Wang is going to Jiqingmen gas station to refuel. However, neither Sinopec nor PetroChina gas stations in Jiqingmen have diesel fuel

after leaving Jiqing gate, Master Wang drove to Sinopec gas station in Yingtian street. Just as the car turned towards the entrance of the gas station, a gas man saw it and waved to him, "it's OK to go to the toilet, but there's no diesel." However, Master Wang went to Fengtai South Road gas station, Andemen gas station and Xinglong Street gas station, but was told that there was no diesel

later, Master Wang learned from his peers that diesel fuel was also supplied along Qixia Avenue and Xuanwu Avenue in the north of the city. In order not to delay business, Master Wang immediately rushed to a gas station of Sinopec on Xuanwu Avenue. After waiting in line for half an hour, Master Wang finally added it to the 500 yuan limited supply to check whether the oil was mixed with air diesel

"add 500 yuan first, and then add it when you go to the highway. Don't wait until I get to the highway. There is no diesel supply in the gas station, then I will lie down." Master Wang said that he had thought that the tight situation of diesel supply would ease after the recent rise in oil prices, but it was only a few days before the price rise. Now he is nervous again

how nervous is diesel

he ran to many gas stations, but didn't add fuel.

yesterday morning, at the Sinopec gas station near Qingliangmen, he saw that there were too many buses and trucks waiting in line, resulting in a backlog of traffic from south to north nearby. The staff of the gas station persuaded the car owners in the back row to say, "there isn't much diesel left. If you are in line behind, it is recommended to go to the provincial government gas station not far ahead."

according to the staff of Sinopec gas station on Huju North Road, diesel was not so tight before. Recently, there are more cars to refuel, but the quantity of delivery has not changed

yesterday morning, many gas stations such as Jiqingmen street, Yingtian street, Fengtai South Road and Andemen had no diesel. "In the past, when the diesel supply was not very tight, our gas station delivered 20 tons of diesel at a time, but now the number of cars that refuel obviously increased than before, and only 10 tons of diesel can be delivered each time." A staff member of Yingtian Street gas station said that the diesel supply at their gas station had been interrupted for two days

a relevant person from Sinopec Nanjing company said that recently, Sinopec's daily diesel supply has not fluctuated greatly, and the diesel supply has not decreased

what is the supply and demand situation

the demand increases, and the distribution volume of gas stations is less

yesterday afternoon, I came to the Sinopec gas station near the 312 National Highway in the north of the city. I noticed that many trucks had just finished filling up. After turning around the gas station, they entered the entrance of the gas station again. According to master Liu, a large truck driver from Shandong Province, gas stations do not limit the number of cars that use gas cards to refuel. For car owners who use cash, a limit of 500 yuan per time is adopted. "I don't have a card. I can only add 500 yuan each time, so I have to queue up again."

at about two o'clock yesterday afternoon, diesel oil was sold at almost every gas station along Qixia Avenue, East shogunate road and West shogunate road. However, each gas station is restricted to supply gas. The owner with a gas card can refuel 500 yuan each time, and the owner with cash can only add 300 yuan each time

according to the staff of some gas stations in the north of the city, since there are many large trucks in the north of the city and there is a large demand for diesel, most gas stations try to ensure the supply of diesel. "We should focus on ensuring that postal vehicles and some fixed-point refueling vehicles, especially buses and the like." A staff member at a gas station near Sinopec Xiaozhuang said that looking at the current trend, it is estimated that the oil price has not yet risen to the designated level

where is diesel

some gas stations in the north of the city can also provide limited supply

the staff of several gas stations in the urban area of Nanjing said that now they have received a notice that the gas stations focus on ensuring the diesel supply of key departments such as public transport, fire protection and public security, as well as some designated gas filling units, while other vehicles can only be provided on a first come, first served basis with limited supply. As for when the unlimited supply can be completely restored, no one can say clearly

however, the initial clamping force is large. According to the relevant personnel of Sinopec Nanjing company, there are many factors causing the tight supply of diesel, including the unclear trend of international oil price; The peak of oil consumption in busy farming has not completely passed; After energy conservation and emission reduction, some power rationing enterprises have increased their oil consumption for diesel generators, even including the impact of typhoon and tsunami some time ago

as far as Nanjing is concerned, the wholesale and retail prices may be upside down, and many social gas stations refuse to sell diesel, which greatly aggravates the diesel tension in Nanjing. "Now the fuel consumption is increasing, but some private gas stations have stopped supplying oil, and tension is bound to arise." The source said that the supply of oil in Nanjing has not decreased, and there is no such thing as hoarding oil instead of selling it while waiting for the second price rise. As for when the tight diesel supply situation will ease, the source said that it was not clear for the time being

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