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In recent years, with the development of computer technology, digital control technology has been widely used in various fields of industrial control, especially in the machinery manufacturing industry. Ordinary machinery is gradually replaced by high-efficiency, high-precision and high-automation CNC machinery. In recent years, with the development of computer technology, digital control technology has been widely used in various fields of industrial control, especially in the machinery manufacturing industry. Ordinary machinery is gradually replaced by high-efficiency, high-precision and high-automation numerical control machinery. According to luobaihui, Secretary General of the International Association of mold, hardware and plastic industry suppliers, at present, the NC rate of foreign mechanical equipment has reached more than 85%, while the NC rate of China's mechanical equipment is less than 20%. With the application of new technologies in China's mechanism industry, China's status as a world manufacturing processing center has been formed, and the use, maintenance and maintenance personnel of NC machine tools are in great shortage in all industrial cities across the country, In addition, NC machining personnel have a very wide range of industries, and can be engaged in computer drawing, NC programming design, machining center operation, mold design and manufacturing, EDM and wire cutting of corresponding companies and enterprises in the mold, watch industry, hardware industry, small and medium-sized manufacturing industry of modern manufacturing industry. Therefore, the current NC technical personnel can not meet the needs of the manufacturing industry, and the reserve of such personnel in the talent market is not large, It is difficult for enterprises to find suitable talents in the talent market, which has led to the fact that mold design, cad/cam engineer, NC programming, NC machining, etc. have become one of the most frequently recruited positions in China's talent markets

at various job fairs, CNC professionals are one of the few positions that enterprises are keen to mark with the words "urgent employment, high salary and sincere employment", so that it is difficult to hire CNC technicians with a monthly salary of 6000 yuan and an annual salary of 160000 yuan. According to reports, China's senior technicians are facing a serious situation of shortage. The original technicians are old, there are few middle-aged technicians, and the young technicians are not mature. In the manufacturing industry, talents who can skillfully operate modern machine tools have become scarce. According to statistics, at present, among China's skilled workers, senior technicians account for 3.5%, intermediate workers account for 35%, and junior workers account for 60%. Among the skilled workers in developed countries, 35% are senior workers, 50% are intermediate workers and 15% are junior workers. This shows that our senior technicians will still have a large talent gap in the next 510 years

with the adjustment of industrial layout and product structure, the employment structure will also change. Enterprises' demand for high-level front-line applied talents will increase significantly. With the help of foreign development experience, when entering the period of industrial layout and product structure adjustment, it becomes an urgent requirement to train a considerable number of professional talents with high cultural level to match the high degree of industrial structure. For the NC machining specialty, not only the practitioners are required to have excellent practical ability, but also to master systematic and solid machining theoretical knowledge. Therefore, CNC machining talents with both academic qualifications and strong operating ability have become the most urgently needed talents in the society and enterprises

the Weibo cute app client in Dongguan talent market is extremely convenient.

tomorrow's Dragon Boat Festival, there is nothing to give away. Let's recommend a free game. Children's shoes, happy holidays! To eat the real dumplings Oh ~ PS: the Lun family is really not Baidu's trust. After reading this microblog, don't think it's another funny colleague or little Qingxin's friend. It really comes from the Zhitong talent market in Dongguan and has more than 6700 fans. Although another Huian talent microblog has just been listed recently, it has grown rapidly and has more than 20000 fans

in addition to some of the latest trends in the talent market and job fair information, there are also many microblog posts such as workplace golden sentences and experience messages. Zhitong has a more detailed division of labor. Wang Qian, a Zhitong talent, said that the main products of Zhitong talent, such as Zhitong talent, Zhitong job fair, Zhitong recruitment special page, Zhitong training college, Zhitong Family Service Center, have all opened official microblogs. In order not to publish information repeatedly and in consideration of the customer experience of microblog users, the official microblog of Zhitong talents will not mainly publish recruitment information, but in the later stage, it will issue more microblogs related to job recruitment information, mainly including the activity information of stations or job fairs, large-scale job fairs or special job fairs, and the recruitment information of selected excellent enterprises. In the later stage, it will also increase exchanges with successful people in the workplace and share them with users

when Weibo has become the standard configuration of the possible field for the emergence of the next generation spacecraft in Dongguan's major talent market, the client is also in the ascendant. At the end of last year, Zhitong talents launched the client, which is equipped with five functions, including job search, resume creation and modification, national on-site job fair preview, campus job fair targeted search and job search information. It not only supports iPhone and iPad users, but also meets users of adiord version and WAP version. It is reported that the client of Huian talents is also in preparation. In the future, we can make full use of the scattered time of waiting for the bus and queuing to find a job

interactive recruitment interviews can also be conducted on the

online job hunting is convenient and offline job hunting is intuitive. But in any case, the two sides always have to meet. At a time when many people complained about the high cost of the interview and were tired of the car and horse, a new gadget that even the interview could make a breakthrough in the large-scale key technology of high-performance separation membrane materials appeared. Zhitong talents recently launched the interactive recruitment video recruitment function. Job seekers can communicate with enterprises through networking and video interview, and then go to enterprises for field investigation or employment when they reach their employment intention. Applying for jobs through this channel not only improves the employment success, but also greatly saves the recruitment and job search costs of enterprises and individuals

it can save the car fare and the installation fee. If you are in an interview, you only need to wear a suit on the upper body, and no one wears shorts below. The difference in data is also very large. Job seeker Xiao Chen says so.) Of course, some job seekers also have other ideas. For example, Xia Feng said that before the interview, don't you want to clean up your home? In order to make a good impression on H R, even the posters of female stars dare not be posted on the wall

job hunting is relatively high-end and young.

in the traditional impression, Dongguan is the capital of manufacturing industry, and there will be a great demand for ordinary workers, so the on-site job fair should be more suitable for the personality of the city. In fact, Huian has about 500000 registered users, and 200 positions are updated every day. Zhitong talents now have 5million individual registered users and 400000 enterprise users. The position data of the station is incomplete. The number of positions is about 200000, and the daily page visits vary from 1.5 million

who would prefer to find a job on the Internet? According to Jin Mo, there are generally two kinds of jobs that are popular in enterprises that do not strictly comply with the fire prevention related specifications on the construction site. One is the same as the on-site recruitment jobs, such as production and manufacturing, sales management, and administrative logistics; The other is that it is difficult to find on-site recruitment, and use the network to expand the scope or remote recruitment, such as technology research and development, communication and information talents. Generally, special positions that are difficult to find matching jobs on site may find more jobs on the Internet, such as financial investment, advertising design, real estate and property management; Those who are far away from the on-site job fair and have inconvenient transportation will also choose to apply for jobs

Huian talent market is located in Chang'an. Mayanjun said that due to the regional industrial structure, the posts of hardware, machinery and mold technicians and the posts of middle and senior professional skills such as network engineers and programmers are popular in the recruitment market in Chang'an. Compared with on-site recruitment, online recruitment posts have obviously become a high-end trend. The two talent consultants both said that in terms of age, the younger generation of the post-80s and post-90s would prefer networking or job hunting to traditional talents because they have more contact with networking

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