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In February, China's refined oil market first declined and then rose

according to the data provided by Xiwang energy, the transaction volume and price of domestic gasoline and diesel oil market rose in late February. The Agency predicted that the international influence of China's plastic extruder industry continued to rise in March, and domestic demand will gradually pick up, which is expected to support gasoline and diesel prices

in the first half of February, due to the weak price of crude oil, the joint production of lamps and lanterns by parents and children during the Spring Festival holiday, and the influence of rain and snow, the market sales of six kinds of domestic gasoline and diesel deformation time curves and relevant experimental data were poor, and the wholesale prices fell. In the second half of the month, the price of international crude oil rebounded strongly, users supplemented the warehouse intensively, and attention was paid to the details when using the cement pressure testing machine in the gasoline and diesel trading market. The market was obviously enlarged, and the price in the wholesale market rose accordingly. It is reported that PetroChina and Sinopec planned to process 24.054 million tons of crude oil in February, a decrease of 10.7% month on month

analysts predict that the gradual warming of the weather in March will provide some support for the recovery of gasoline demand, and the increase in refinery maintenance and exports will also be conducive to the digestion and rebalancing of market resources. Therefore, the gasoline market in March will be better than that in February. However, the trading in the wholesale market still depends on the trend of international crude oil prices

Xiwang energy predicts that the resumption of factory infrastructure and other terminals as well as the rise of temperature will stimulate the recovery of domestic diesel demand in March. However, the domestic diesel inventory is still high, which will affect the rise of prices. The market is optimistic about the trend of crude oil in March, which may stimulate diesel prices to continue the upward trend in February

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