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The quotation of the product oil market in Hefei is stable

the power supply voltage of the 4 electrical installation experimental machine is 3-phase 380V. The inspection mandrel between the main body and the hydraulic control box is electrically connected by plug. The demand of the product oil market in the region is not strong, the market transaction is flat, the sales of each rhyme of the product oil are not smooth, and the quotation is basically stable. At present, the price of Sinopec 90, The price of 93ethanol gasoline is 5334 yuan/ton, the price of 0diesel is yuan/ton, and CNPC 0diesel is out of stock. At present, the supply of refined oil resources is acceptable. Sinopec maintains the wholesale price of ethanol gasoline, limits the wholesale to key customers, and sells diesel oil to the outside world. At present, users' interest in purchasing oil is not high, business units are unprofitable, and the market purchase and sales are depressed. The industry believes that the finished oil market will be mainly light and stable in the short term

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