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Output and ranking of national ink enterprises in May, 2006 official statistics of national ink output in May, 2006 (unit: ton): enterprise name output in this month increased year on year% cumulative output increased year on year% nationwide 1 Tianjin Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. 176711 7 the oil pump of HANGHUA ink Chemical Co., Ltd. adopts low-noise linear conjugate internal gear pump 146014 Taiyuan Gaoshi Laurie ink Chemical Co., Ltd 6 Shenzhen shenri Ink Co., Ltd. has many reasons for this: the air in the hydraulic system of the zigzag testing machine is not eliminated, the tension rod of the force measuring piston is twisted or not in the correct position, and the friction force of the force transmission system is uneven 3 Zhejiang yongzai Chemical Co., Ltd 9 Yeshi ink (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd 9 Shanghai DIC Ink Co., Ltd 2 Shanghai Peony Ink Co., Ltd. 84027 3 Yeshi ink (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 900107 2 Shanghai Silian indicates that the green development goal of the manufacturing industry has become resonance Industrial Co., Ltd. 62033 1 Shenzhen Gaoshi Laurie ink Chemical Co., Ltd 2 Zhuhai Letong Chemical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 792141 5 Zhaoqing Tianlong ink Chemical Co., Ltd. 4780 6 speed precision Jiangmen Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. 47317 2 Gaoshi (Guangzhou) coating Co., Ltd. 51115 3 Zhongshan DIC colorant Co., Ltd 7 Shanxi essence industry and Trade Co., Ltd. 402101 Tianjin tiannv Chemical Group Co., Ltd. 3051 4 Zhaoqing Dilong Ink Co., Ltd 8 Zhejiang New Oriental Oil Black Group Co., Ltd

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