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Supporting the cause of environmental sanitation with products launched the "haze" counterattack war

supporting the cause of environmental sanitation with products launched the "haze" counterattack war

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Guide: during the two sessions this year, there are two keywords related to the construction machinery industry: innovation and environmental protection. Since the end of 2012, the problem of smog has been harassing some major cities in China, and the social voice for environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction is rising. The Sino foreign meeting held after the closing of the two sessions

at the two sessions this year, there are two keywords related to the construction machinery industry: innovation and environmental protection. Since the end of 2012, the problem of "haze" has been harassing some major cities in China, and the community has been crying out for environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction

when asked about environmental protection at the Chinese foreign conference held after the closing of the two sessions, the new Premier Li Keqiang said that the government should not sacrifice the environment in exchange for the dissatisfied growth of the people, and should let the people breathe clean air in the development

"for the construction machinery industry, the energy saving of engines is one aspect of promoting the implementation of environmental protection, but on the other hand, in view of the characteristics of the industry, making better contributions to urban sanitation through product R & D and technological innovation is also a direction of promoting environmental protection." An expert from the Construction Machinery Industry Association said: "at present, the industry enterprises represented by Zoomlion have begun to increase their efforts in this field."

technological innovation provides a powerful weapon for "dust removal"

according to the analysis of relevant experts from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the main reason for the frequent occurrence of "haze" weather is that the performance consumption of plastic granulation in China accounts for almost half of the total industrial energy consumption than that in the UK, which is due to the large discharge of pollutants from coal, motor vehicles, industry, dust and other pollution sources

"therefore, the prevention and control of the first three pollution sources should mainly focus on the transformation and utilization of the existing energy system and the development of new energy; for the last item, the construction and improvement of the urban sanitation system has become the key to successful governance." The above environmental protection experts continue to analyze the strength of the hammer handle

"compared with the operating environment and market demand faced by other construction machinery products, urban sanitation products face more complex and diverse conditions, and have higher requirements for product performance. At the same time, in terms of the global research and development of sanitation products, due to the complexity of their environment, many high-end technologies and products from other countries cannot be directly introduced into China." The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion Sanitation Machinery Co., Ltd. said to: "therefore, developing more suitable products through independent technological innovation has become the most appropriate choice for the company at present."

it is reported that there are two kinds of special vehicles developed by Zoomlion to solve the problem of urban floating dust: one is the cleaning vehicle, and the other is the high-pressure cleaning vehicle. The former mainly solves the problem of sweeping and cleaning, while the latter mainly solves the problem of spray dust reduction

"The washing and sweeping vehicle developed by Zoomlion has advanced technologies in the industry, such as the coupling technology of high cleanliness washing and sweeping on the road, the recycling technology of high-efficiency water for vehicles, and integrates the functions of road sweeping and high-pressure cleaning. This product fills the gap at home and abroad, has complete intellectual property rights, and has obtained six national patents, such as' urban kerb and kerb stone cleaning and washing ',' anti-collision spray rod of washing vehicle 'and' splash prevention device of washing vehicle '." The above person in charge continued to introduce: "in addition, Zoomlion also continued to realize product upgrading through technological innovation to cope with new environmental problems brought about by the expansion of China's urban construction scale."

it is understood that following the successful development of the first 16t washing and sweeping vehicle, Zoomlion has successively developed 7T and 10t washing and sweeping vehicles. In 2012, Zoomlion successfully developed a 25 ton washing and sweeping vehicle. On the basis of maintaining its original technical advantages, this vehicle has achieved a technological breakthrough in the recycling of high-efficiency water for vehicles, and has become the washing and sweeping vehicle with the strongest washing capacity, the longest continuous operation time and mileage, the least water consumption and the largest tonnage in the world

"three dimensional" realization of the leading enterprise's society

"Zoomlion has achieved two major goals by continuously carrying out new product research and development and product upgrading for China's complex urban environmental health conditions through technological innovation." The above person in charge further explained: "on the one hand, it has realized the company's operation purpose of market development. On the other hand, it also 'three-dimensional' reflects that Zoomlion attaches importance to people's living health and urban green development, and is willing to undertake a society in which industry leading enterprises contribute more to the construction of 'beautiful China'."

"first of all, Zoomlion has created a cleaner, more beautiful and more comfortable environment for the holding of these activities by taking the initiative to undertake the task of environmental sanitation product research and development in major national activities, ensuring the smooth implementation of these major activities."

it is reported that Zoomlion's washing and sweeping vehicle was specially developed to serve the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. At that time, BOCOG required that there should be no paper scraps on the road, and solved the problem of dust after the road sweeper was swept by the wind. At that time, Zoomlion undertook this task and produced qualified products in the shortest time. The subsequent upgraded 7T and 10t washing and sweeping vehicle products have successively participated in the urban sanitation tasks of the Shanghai WorldExpo and the Guangzhou Asian Games

"secondly, reducing air dust and improving air quality is a systematic project, and the use of certain environmental sanitation products alone cannot fundamentally solve the problem." The above person in charge further said: "therefore, Zoomlion is not only committed to the research and development of a single product, but also focuses on providing personalized solutions to meet different needs for the construction of environmental sanitation systems in different cities."

it is reported that since 2008, Zoomlion Environmental Sanitation Machinery Co., Ltd. has started to provide environmental sanitation system optimization schemes for more than 20 cities, covering urban road cleaning and cleaning, urban domestic waste collection and transportation, rural domestic waste continuous renovation, kitchen waste collection, transportation and disposal, urban community domestic waste collection and transportation, environmental sanitation in tourist areas, etc., fully meeting the environmental sanitation needs of various regions and improving the level of urban management

it is understood that these schemes are tailored for each city, so they can systematically solve the bottleneck of urban sanitation. In addition, these plans also cover the operation mode recommendation, equipment input and operation budget, operation management mechanisms and methods, and are unique and authoritative through the result appraisal. The optimization scheme of environmental health system can scientifically and reasonably formulate the system scheme of urban road cleaning and collection and transportation, and promote it to the whole urban area, so as to finally realize the seamless connection and full coverage of the optimization scheme

"The severe 'haze' weather before and after the two sessions has sounded an alarm bell for our environmental protection work and economic development model. Zoomlion hopes that through the research and development of environmental sanitation machinery technology and the creation of system solutions, it can not only achieve its own business growth, but also contribute to environmental protection work. In the future, it can continue to grow with society and the environment without clear boundaries of different colors, which is the most important thing It will eventually become a 'great' enterprise that benefits from and contributes to the people. "

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