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Selling a product is price competition? Share my thoughts on lighting enterprises' exploring customers

after four days, the Hong Kong International Spring lighting exhibition, which can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission, has come to an end. As a white boy in the lighting industry, I have also gained a lot from participating in the exhibition for a few days. Here I would like to share my thoughts on lighting enterprises

find potential customers efficiently

a plastic optical fiber enterprise is the most impressed. Colorful optical fibers are used in pillows, tablecloths, and even USB cables, which instantly catch the eye of people in the construction of Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail project and become noble and mysterious. When asked about the marketing model, their answer was to contact customers and dealers through some exhibitions to obtain orders. In fact, is this mode really the best way? Think about it. If you are a customer who makes fiber-optic tablecloths or even fiber-optic wedding dresses, they may not come to this lighting exhibition

then, how can we more effectively explore potential customers? The relaxation tester can measure the scalability of products? First of all, we should think about what kind of people face what problems, what solutions they need, and what value I can create for them, so as to tell the story of the product. For example, many tourists and even local people in Hong Kong may not observe the UBS building behind the 1881 heritage, the former marine police headquarters in Hong Kong. The penultimate floor of the UBS building is dark during the day and at night. There is no light. It can be understood during the day and wonder at night. In fact, this is the aqua restaurant. In order to highlight the value of the night view of Victoria Harbor and let people better experience the colorful lights and music show of Yongxiang River, it has ingeniously turned off the bright projection lights and set up warm night lights at the front desk of the dining table without affecting people's enjoyment of food

in view of the need of aqua restaurant to not only achieve basic lighting, but also decorate the restaurant, our plastic optical fiber products have great advantages. They can be made into pillows, tablecloths, and even the work clothes of waiters. Undoubtedly, they add a beautiful scenery to aqua restaurant and attract people to punch in. For example, some big stars, even brides at weddings, are the brightest stars in the crowd, but how to highlight the brightest stars, perhaps a diamond is not as amazing as a fiber-optic dress

whether Aqua restaurants or big stars, they are more price insensitive and have stronger demand than customers participating in the lighting show. Then we can develop our best solutions for these potential needs, contact the market manager or fashion designer through email or other means, or turn to a consulting company to tell a good story for the products, and then build a brand

we might as well change the sales method. We should not pay too much attention to the minimum order quantity of customers and how to find dealers. Instead, we should pay more attention to what kind of people face what problems and what solutions they need, and what value I can create for them. We should think more about and answer such questions. I believe the goddess of luck will throw an olive branch for you

be good at learning best practice

in this lighting exhibition, intelligence is still the biggest theme. The following splicing table lamp is a good example. At first glance, I thought it was just a table lamp. In fact, it is not. It can also be freely assembled with sensors such as light control, voice control, touch control, infrared and Bluetooth, integrating multiple functions. But they are more focused on the lighting market and toys. If schools are interested, they can organize students to come to the factory to experience the installation process

in fact, we can learn some best examples by referring to the promotion mode of Lego, the king of toys. For example, learn to connect with a story. When LEGO opened in the Taikoo city center in Hong Kong, it used building blocks to present the nearly 100 year history of Taikoo area, attracting countless people. We can also learn from the customer positioning. For foreign friends, we can make some Chinese element products. For children, we can combine the product's own intelligent functions to let children freely build their future life and future world. Although we don't have the cost of LEGO movies or the scope of LEGO World Cup, we can reasonably set goals, narrow the scope, and learn from the best examples of brands to become the best examples in a small range

what value can I create

recently, a friend working in a cargo airline said that when the aircraft is unloaded at some places, many mosquitoes will fly in the pilot's cockpit. How to kill mosquitoes has become a problem for them. Therefore, we also tried to find some mosquito killing lamps in the lighting exhibition. When we asked whether these companies' products could be used to kill mosquitoes in aircraft, their answer was that the aircraft environment was too special and the market was too small to consider making products in this field

to be honest, is this the only airline in the world facing this problem? The market is as small as they say, obviously not. For most of our manufacturers, the purpose of production is to produce some of the most popular products in the market, with the largest number of potential customers and serious homogenization, and then the major manufacturers compete for prices, strive for a large number of orders, and make small profits but quick turnover. However, what we should do more is to think about what problems customers face and what functional products they need. We will solve problems for them and create products that meet or even exceed customers' expectations, so as to establish our competitive and differentiated brand

I hope that the next time I go to the exhibition, I will hear more about what foreign multinational companies need to solve the problem of product production from the original single product? Where else can I improve my product? No, what is your order quantity

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