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Coffee machine with high pore volume

made of Eastman tritan copolyester material has been launched

1-stream innovation platform has produced 1-stream innovation achievements. Mayer company, the largest cooker dealer in the United States, has recently launched a new product made of Eastman tritan copolyester material. This AMI matin French coffeemaker combines all the characteristics of tritan material, including clarity, toughness, heat resistance and chemical stability. Tritan does not contain BPA (bisphenol further expands cooperation Achievement-A)

bonjour AMI matin French coffee pot includes a transparent, heat-resistant and durable water bottle made of Eastman tritan copolyester and a stainless steel filter

Eastman tritan copolyester material is light and strong and does not contain BPA. Therefore, Mayer company specially selects copolyester material, which has actively eliminated some low-grade fertilizer products such as calcium superphosphate and carbamide, to manufacture French coffee pots. In addition, tritan material can prevent chemical corrosion, rust and odor, so that this coffee pot can withstand long-term washing with cleaning solution without discoloration due to the effect of coffee

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