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The price war of digested inventory refined oil is in full swing

after the launch of the price reform of refined oil, an unprecedented wave of price reduction swept the north and south, which is undoubtedly good news for individuals and units using transportation oil

however, during the new year's day, the international oil price soared rapidly, making it less likely for China to further reduce the oil price of finished products in the future. Industry insiders believe that whether provinces and cities reduce prices will depend entirely on enterprise inventory and competition

since December 19 last year, after the national development and Reform Commission lowered the ex factory price of refined oil, different forms of price adjustment have been carried out across the country. For example, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fujian, Chengdu and other provinces and cities also have different price drops surrounded by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce on the basis of merging the catalogue of foreign investment industries and the catalogue of foreign investment advantageous industries in central and western regions, but they are all enterprises' independent actions

Shanghai is obviously the sales area with the most intense retail price reduction of refined oil

on December 31 last year, at the gate of a gas station subordinate to Sinopec Group near Shuichan Road, Shanghai, people who came to refuel were surprised to learn that the gas station would cut prices in the early morning of the next day

according to the deployment, Sinopec has carried out a comprehensive price adjustment for 44 of the 535 gas stations in normal operation in Shanghai since January 1, and the above-mentioned gas stations are one of the 44

after only 8 hours, PetroChina's gas stations in Shanghai will also "cut prices", and each type of gasoline and diesel oil is 0.05 yuan lower than Sinopec. China Business News learned that many gas stations received the notice of price adjustment around 2 a.m

on the one hand, the price adjustment is aimed at the new year's Day promotion of Sinopec, and on the other hand, it may be caused by the excessive inventory pressure of the enterprise. It is reported that the gasoline inventory of the two major companies may have reached 34.8 million barrels by the end of November 2008, up 5.14% from October, but PetroChina and Sinopec have not confirmed this figure. "At present, the inventories of the two major materials are indeed high under the action of external forces," said an administrator of a regional branch of PetroChina. The most important reason for the price reduction now is the inventory in various parts of the company

in Shandong, local refineries began to significantly reduce the ex factory price, which also shows that the demand for refined oil is not satisfactory in the near future

Shandong Zhenghe group reduced the price of No. 90 and No. 93 gasoline by 700 yuan per ton respectively yesterday, which is also the most powerful price adjustment of new tepex high-performance composites launched by LANXESS recently. Eight of the 30 major refineries in Shandong Province adjusted their prices at the same time yesterday, with an adjustment range of 50 ~ 100 yuan per ton. Among them, No. 90 gasoline has been lowered to about 5000 yuan, which is still 300 yuan lower than the local state-owned wholesale price in Shanghai

"it is unlikely that the country will lower the oil price of finished products in a unified way. Whether enterprises will adjust prices independently depends on local conditions." China Merchants Securities researcher qiuxiaofeng told

the sharp rise of international oil prices and the imposition of fuel tax have weakened the possibility of China's government led oil price reduction again

last Friday, the February futures of New York light crude oil rose to $46.34/barrel, up $1.74, and the price of London Brent crude oil rose to $46.91/barrel, up $1.32

according to the above PetroChina executives, the role of international oil prices will take about two months to be reflected in the book of the enterprise, so it is still a buyer's market

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