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Product packaging is a non price competition strategy

product packaging is one of the non price competition strategies other than price factors. Its position in modern marketing activities and the time effect of delaying the spread of fire even if it catches fire are becoming more and more remarkable. The concept of sample is a whole composed of three levels: substantive product, formal product and extended product

product packaging belongs to the second level - the category of formal products. Formal product refers to the shape and mode by which the substantial product is realized. What a substantial product describes is only a concept, effect or benefit, which can only be realized through a certain form. Formal products are mainly manifested in five aspects: quality, characteristics, style, brand and packaging

in marketing, some scholars refer to package as the fifth P parallel to the combination of 4P (product, promotion, price, place). In marketing practice, enterprises use packaging to dress up thousands of goods. The intellectual property partners of this study believe that it is colorful and tempting

after careful market research, the marketing personnel of DuPont company discovered the famous DuPont law. That is, 63% of consumers make commodity decisions based on the packaging and decoration of commodities; Housewives who go to supermarkets usually buy more than 45% of the items they intend to buy when they go out because of the attractive packaging and decoration

it can be seen that packaging is the face and clothing of commodities. As the "first impression" of commodities, it enters the eyes of consumers and strikes the psychological balance of whether consumers buy or not

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