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In order to adapt to the marketing reform and speed up the integration of various product lines and services, in May this year, Zoomlion northwest Engineering Machinery Group Co., Ltd. planned in advance and organized quickly, in conjunction with the market support department of pavement machinery company, the R & D Quality Department of basic construction machinery company The manufacturing center of the concrete machinery company has carried out special training activities for three types of products: pavement machinery, foundation construction machinery and concrete spraying manipulator, aiming to improve the technical level of front-line service personnel and new clients. The advantages of this process are simple and convenient, and enhance the brand popularity of the company

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it is reported that the technical training course of Zoomlion Northwest branch in May is divided into two parts: Theory and practice. Service personnel in various areas and new client operators participate in different classes and batches. The training content covers product performance, structure knowledge, working principle, common faults, daily maintenance and other aspects. After each training, the branch will carry out in class tests and explanation of test questions for participants to deepen and consolidate knowledge points

in the first batch of theoretical training courses, the trainers of the market support department of Zoomlion pavement machinery company put forward new requirements for materials. First, they introduced classic products such as the super165 asphalt concrete paver to the students, focusing on the ability of the whole double-layer one-time paving, professionally designed anti segregation structure, mature and stable high-strength screed, intelligent control technology, etc, The precautions during the operation are explained in combination with the video. Subsequently, the trainers of the R & D Quality Department of the basic construction machinery company took the zr420a rotary drilling rig, which won the "Top50" award of the 2013 China Construction machinery annual product, including spray and detergent, as an example to explain the product's super drilling performance, super high drilling quality, super expansion performance, etc., as well as the joint construction process characteristics of the combined construction with the full casing, DTH hammer, impact hammer and other equipment introduced for the first time in the industry. The trainers of the manufacturing center of the concrete machinery company explained in detail the intelligent and highly adaptive CSS-3 concrete spraying manipulator of the concrete wet spraying trolley, including the structural design of the manipulator with high efficiency and multi degrees of freedom, the real-time attitude sensing system of the multi joint manipulator, and the precautions for daily maintenance

after the training and examination, the participants said that the product knowledge was practical and the training was timely, which promoted the efficient integration of various product service knowledge and the comprehensive development of the maintenance skills of after-sales service engineers. It is reported that the training will continue. Next, the Northwest Branch will continue to carry out the training of other products in accordance with the principles of sub region, urgency, hierarchy and demand. In order to improve customer satisfaction, establish a good reputation for the company's service, and build a sincere and United team, although at present, there are also some special friction and wear testing machines in China, which have laid a good foundation for a highly skilled service team

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