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Product pricing determines the positioning and profits of printing enterprises

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core tip: Recently I saw an article by financial writer wuxiaobo, He pointed out pointedly: "I would rather believe that good commodities should have good prices. Only with good prices can there be good profits. Only with good profits can there be good research and development. Only with good research and development can there be better commodities."

[China Packaging News] recently, I read an article by financial writer wuxiaobo and pointed out pointedly: I would rather believe that good goods should have good prices, good prices can lead to good profits, good profits can lead to good research and development, and good research and development can lead to better goods

is such a simple logical relationship, which we did not understand for quite a long time after the reform and opening up. What we pursue is low price, good quality, small profits and quick turnover. It was only after we moved from the lack of materials in the planned economy era to the relative materials in the market economy era (3) lightweight materials - making household appliances more frivolous and rich, and intensifying market competition that we suddenly found that the pricing of products determines whether enterprises can continue to develop sustainably

high price means quality

there are many high-end new products in the printing circle, which can also be sold at a good price. For example, the auction house samples and art books undertaken by Yachang culture group, Suzhou Dazhou packaging has increased the inner functional coating packaging box. However, there are not many such enterprises. On the whole, the market positioning of processing and production makes it difficult for printing enterprises to have bargaining capital and obtain high profits. Changing this situation, strengthening the design ability and increasing the added value of products are important issues that enterprises must solve in the transformation and upgrading

with the strong national strength and well-off people, more and more Chinese citizens go abroad for sightseeing and tourism, and more and more overseas products enter China. In contrast, whether it is equipment or consumer goods, the products produced in developed countries have something worthy of our reference in design and packaging printing. This also tells us from another point of view that the transformation and upgrading of the printing industry should not only add the wings of interconnection, but also closely integrate with the cultural and creative industries to produce more eye-catching products

pricing is marketing

pricing is a very important marketing strategy. If you have a good product, you can't sell it without proper marketing. On the contrary, if you don't have an appropriate pricing strategy, you can't sell it at a good price

a good product must have a price that matches its identity. The most typical is the market pricing strategy of luxury goods, which can be ignored. Expensive has become the identity symbol of the upper middle class who occupy the luxury goods. According to relevant statistics, 55% of the price of luxury goods is the brand surcharge of intangible assets, 20% is various taxes, 8% is the advertising, public relations costs and the annual operating expenses of the flagship store, and the production cost of the product is only 17%. The strong profitability makes luxury goods holders dare to continuously develop and launch new products. Enterprises that have entered a virtuous circle naturally have the ability of sustainable development. Of course, the brand effect of luxury goods is also the result of long-term accumulation, which can not be achieved overnight

looking back on the past, winning the market at a low price is indeed a marketing strategy, but consumers generally associate low price with low quality in their concept. Although sometimes this is not completely the case, low-cost products are also pursuing the truth. Because it is low-cost sales, it is naturally difficult to obtain high profits, and it is even more difficult to have huge development investment. For a long time, it is often only to show people with old faces, and there are few new ideas. It is difficult to impress people, and it is rarely able to attract the attention of consumers

most enterprises take the road of homogeneous competition. Once there is overcapacity, the price war will become a big flag that enterprises have to raise. As the days get harder, the profitability of enterprises becomes worse and worse. Naturally, they can no longer invest in research and development of new products with the most market value. Sustainable development has become an empty word, and difficult survival has become the primary problem faced by enterprises

positioning determines profits

published on March 27 in China publishing news, the translated book "love book" published by Shanghai People's Art Publishing House and reviewed by me at invitation was listed in the top ten national living books in February. To be realistic, in terms of content, this is the sightseeing writing of Japanese Publishing House Matsuda, who visited printing plants, paper mills, ink mills and other enterprises related to book production before 2005. It has been 8 years since it was launched in 2006 and translated into Chinese and published in China in January this year. It is not new. However, it is such a public intellectual book with 7.5 printed sheets. Because of its exquisite binding, it is equipped with a large number of manual illustrations, with concave convex art paper as the cover, light paper as the text, and French soft surface hardcover. The price is up to 49 yuan, and it has also been listed on the best seller list. This case tells us that innovative innovation always makes people look up to it

if we use mathematical calculation, we can find that the profit of busy selling a large number of low-end products is far less than that of a limited number of products, but each product can bring considerable profits to the enterprise. In that case, why don't we re select the product positioning of the enterprise through transformation and upgrading? Strive to improve the profitability of products and provide a solid economic foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises

it has become normal for China's economy to change from high-speed growth in history to medium and low-speed growth. In order to achieve a new round of supply-demand balance, the integration of the printing industry must be further intensified during the tensile test in 2015, and the requirements to spur the transformation and upgrading of enterprises will also be higher. Where to go is a question that must be answered in front of all enterprises. Learning from the market pricing concept of developed countries, abandoning the traditional concept of low price and good quality, and working towards the high-end, characteristic and personalized direction should be a problem worthy of consideration by all enterprises

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