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When many companies promote their brands, they usually choose celebrity endorsements. On the one hand, door and window brand companies have difficulty making money, but on the other hand, they spend money lavishly, typically such as celebrity endorsements. For example, invite the king of heaven superstar to endorse the brand at a high price, or maybe find such people-friendly stars as "national daughter-in-law" and "national uncle" to imperceptibly let consumers locate their own company as the first choice at home. It's not stingy not to advocate celebrity endorsement. Knowledge is originally what celebrity endorsement can bring to the brand in the current market environment

first, under the star effect, it is only for brand portrayal

it is undeniable that in the early stage of the market economy, some companies did quickly expand their brand popularity through star endorsement, and their star effect of four or two thousand pounds may make the company still have more meaning. But today, is this "Avenue of stars" still brilliant

from the origin, stars are actually the personification expression of brands. Any brand needs to clearly tell consumers: who am I? What value can I provide or deal with? This is the center of brand communication. However, when the company suffers from the monotony and inflexibility of written expression, the company hopes to pass through a fresh person, and express directly and vividly through his words and deeds, which gives birth to the demand for star endorsement. There is no doubt that this is a way to deal with the problem, but it is not only a path, nor the optimal path

second, celebrity endorsement is the key to brand portrayal

1. Portray the positive image of the brand

the brand needs to ensure its positive image. However, as a natural person, the uncontrollable factors of a star certainly exist. Once the brand is tied, any negative information of a natural person will become an inevitable brand safety hazard. Previously, some companies used to invite negative figures to promote and build momentum for the company, but after a lot of trouble, they grew up. Although some popularity came out, the negative images that followed also came

2. Brand characterization is the process of property deposition

the process of brand evolution is actually the process of brand property deposition. If the prescription of celebrity endorsement cannot be deposited into some brand property, the company's painstaking harvest could only be a temporary eye effect. After the noise, the brand itself still did not grow

previously, some cosmetics companies went bankrupt due to hiring stars. Therefore, as for door and window brand companies, star endorsement needs to be considered carefully. After all, stars are not Notre Dame, and publicity is not free. Whether the company can achieve the role in fantasy after paying a large amount of publicity fees is still unknown. Facing the danger of not knowing, door and window brand companies, especially small and medium-sized companies, must be cautious





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