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I came to Amway Moganshan cabinet! The third series of new cabinet products takes you into a healthy kitchen to create a cooking fashion

delicacies, delicacies,

New Year's flavor makes the food full of warmth,

thank family and friends,

make a hearty meal,

give it to your favorite person

what? Can't cook

well, I have to look at the cabinet first...

(yes, I came to Amway Moganshan cabinet!)

New Cabinet Series III

05 Tuscany

Product Style: modern simplicity

small and healthy kitchen

Tuscany is a blend of the beauty of nature, rural feeling and elegant life, with the quietest and most primitive life. The product is mainly composed of calm and rough peacock wood, which echoes the ecological beauty of comfortable nature and the precipitation beauty of cultural relics. The simple one-line layout with half height cabinet design is both practical and beautiful, freehand expressing the demeanor of Tuscany nature itself

this set of cabinets in Tuscany is a common one-sided cabinet, which covers a small area, but has complete functions and is very convenient to use. One of its highlights is the built-in disinfection and air drying cupboard, which can quickly drain the water from bowls, chopsticks and dinner plates, and carry out disinfection at the same time, adhering to the concept of a healthy kitchen

06 Paris city

Product Style: modern fashion

Fashion in the kitchen

Paris City kitchen living room space, lighting up the city's elegant dream, will have a panoramic view of beauty, as if you were in the "Shepherd girl in the cloud" overlooking Paris in the afternoon. The product is matched with bright yellow as an embellishment color and integrated into a large area of meridian gray. The playful color is matched with cool tones, which is very visual tension. The application of wood grain makes the space warm and fashionable, the simple and elegant background makes the space comfortable and elegant, and the application of small side door type is exquisite and fashionable, making the space both tough and elegant, while soft and fashionable

the cabinet of Paris city, just like its name, is full of fashion. It is equipped with dining and rest areas to convey an attitude of enjoying slow life to people

the cabinet is also equipped with many kitchen "artifacts": flying saucers, small monsters, three side baskets, high cabinet baskets, etc... a large number of kitchen supplies can be stored

well, that's all for today's introduction.

after looking at these two sets of cabinets,

is there an impulse to cook

come on~

believe in your ability,

boldly enter the kitchen

show your skills

(source: Moganshan official account)





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