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Many families will choose high-end solid wood furniture. Most solid wood furniture are made of natural solid wood. Using the material of solid wood itself, after the beautification of the process, we can get a good visual effect by removing defects and refining. But now the market is mixed, so do you know how to distinguish solid wood furniture

what is solid wood furniture

solid wood furniture refers to pure solid wood furniture, that is, all materials are natural materials that have not been reprocessed, and furniture made of no man-made board is not used. Solid wood furniture includes pure solid wood furniture and imitation solid wood furniture. Pure solid wood furniture means that all the materials of furniture are solid wood, including the door panels and side panels of desktops and wardrobes, which are made of pure solid wood without using any other form of artificial board

how to distinguish solid wood furniture

1. Check the strength of the board surface with your fingers to feel the firmness of the board surface. One side of the material should be fixed with a well shaped skeleton. If the skeleton is sparse, it will feel empty and unreal when pressing the surface, and the panel vibrates greatly; The drawer bottom plate should be pressed by hand to test the strength. Generally, the bottom of the partition plate is usually made of laminated plates, and the partition plate with large area should be made of five layers

2. One secret of verifying whether solid wood is solid wood furniture is: wood grain. For example, if a cabinet door looks like a pattern on the outside, then corresponding to the position of the pattern change, look at the corresponding pattern on the back of the cabinet door. If it corresponds well, it is a pure solid wood cabinet door

3. Judging tree species is a factor that directly affects price and quality. Ordinary solid wood furniture usually adopts beech, white oak, Manchurian ash, elm, Catalpa wood, rubber wood and oak wood. At the same time, it should be noted that the price of wood is rising day by day, and it is absolutely deceptive to be too cheap

4. Observe the wood. Open the furniture cabinet doors and drawers, and observe whether the wood is dry and white, and whether the texture is tight and delicate. If there is furniture made of particleboard, density board, primary molding board and other materials, open the cabinet door or drawer and smell it to see if there is any pungent smell

5. Touch the surface, put your hand on the surface of the furniture, and carefully check whether the polished surface is smooth, especially whether the platform foot and other parts are rough, whether the paint is painted with stripes, whether the paint at the corners is too thick, and whether there are cracks or bubbles

6. Look for the main stress parts of defective furniture, such as columns and load-bearing bars near the ground between connecting columns, and there should be no large knots or cracks. The structure shall be firm, the frame shall not be loose, and tenon cutting and material cutting are not allowed

7. Observe the safety performance to see if there is any inclination of drawers or door frames, and if there is any inclination of parts caused by low process level, such as skewed mortise eye position, too large eye hole, loose mortise, etc. Wooden furniture should have safety and stability. When the two cabinet doors are opened 90 degrees, gently pull them forward by hand, and the cabinet body should not automatically tip forward; The glass of the bookcase door should be polished

8. Furniture with heavy interfaces should be screwed with protective blocks at the corners and glued. As for the back plate, you must also check whether it is inlaid and screw on

9. The drawer of the test slide should be firm and firm, and the screws should be tightened inside. You might as well open the drawers, movable desktops, cabinet doors and other parts to see whether they can be used freely and correctly connected

10, “ Handstand ” As for the table, check from the bottom. Check whether the joint is reinforced with screws and wedges, and whether the strip is tightly buckled with the rung? Is there any excess glue and filler in the joint? Summary: after reading the above 10 skills to identify solid wood furniture, do you know how to identify solid wood furniture





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