What is the decoration construction process

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the decoration is very complex. Just looking at the materials can make people dizzy. The decoration process is very complicated, and there are quite a lot of projects. The following decoration construction procedures must be kept in mind:

1. Mobilization, wall demolition and wall building

2. 24-hour closed water test shall be conducted on the floor of toilet and kitchen (this task needs to be completed by the developer)

3. Chisel trunking, water and electricity transformation and acceptance

4. Seal and bury the trunking to conceal the hydropower transformation project, and start the waterproof project when there is no leakage in the closed water test

5. The bathroom and kitchen are pasted with wall magnets

6. Carpenters enter the site, hang the ceiling and gypsum angle line

7. Door and window covers. Make wooden cabinet frame

8. Synchronously make all kinds of wooden doors, modeling doors and flat pressing

9. The wooden panel is painted with dust-proof paint (clear oil)

10. The marble table top of the windowsill is leveled and paved

11. Stick wood veneer, make lines and install them carefully

12. Wall base treatment, grinding and leveling

13. For household items, stick self-adhesive (protective edge) at the seam of the door

14. ICI of wall oil shall be applied at least three times

15. Furniture paint mobilization, nail hole patching, paint

16. Deal with corners, lay floor tiles, solid wood or composite wood floors, waterproof marble strips, and skirting lines

17. Installation and commissioning of lamps, sanitary wares, handles and door locks

18. Clean up, fill the joints of floor tiles, and withdraw from the site

19. Preliminary internal acceptance of decoration company





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