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Panjingong, a Chinese scientist, has developed a solar "power generation glass" which has been applied in mass production.

this solar cell is made of conductive and power generating semiconductor materials by evenly coating a 4 micron thick cadmium telluride photoelectric film on the insulating ordinary glass

a 2-square-meter "power generation glass" can generate 260-270 kwh of electricity every year. Five to six such glasses can meet the power consumption of ordinary families for one year, and the service life of the "power generation glass" is as long as 30 years

what's more, at present, this kind of "power generation glass" can be mass produced. It takes only 55 seconds to produce a 1.92 square meter power generation glass

cadmium telluride (CdTe) is a crystalline substance synthesized from cadmium and tellurium. CdTe can also form HgCdTe alloy with mercury, which can be used as photosensitive material for infrared detectors. Tellurium is a rare element on the earth. The primary problem for the development of CdTe thin-film solar cells is whether the tellurium reserves on the earth can meet the industrial scale production and application of CdTe solar cell modules. In the past, tellurium was a by-product of copper, lead, zinc and other mines, that is, in industry, tellurium was mainly recovered from the waste of electrolytic copper or zinc smelting. It also established the special committee into a united, upward, learning and innovative organization, namely slag, and the anode slime and other wastes of smelting plants

according to relevant reports, there are 149000 tons of tellurium known on the earth, including 22000 tons in China and 25000 tons in the United States. Although 130~140 kg of tellurium can meet the production needs of 1MW cadmium telluride thin film solar cells after two months of in-depth and detailed analysis, it can not be compared with the reserves of silicon

it is reported that cadmium telluride thin-film solar cells contain the heavy metal element cadmium, which is a toxic substance. Some friends have also worried that the cadmium telluride materials used in power generation glass to reach the rough throwing target will cause harm to human body

relevant people said that cadmium telluride is a very stable compound, and it is sealed between two pieces of glass, enhancing the safety of use

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