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China's policies have helped the development of biogas power stations in Hebei. "Thanks to the biogas power stations, the biogas generated from cow dung and sewage can not only provide lighting and power generation for farms, but also become a source of fertilizer for organic vegetable bases." On July 5, jiaoxinguo, the person in charge of Pingshan Jinxin Dairy Co., Ltd., said with emotion

there are 720 dairy cows in the community, which can produce nearly 20 tons of feces every day. After the construction of the biogas power station, if the processing and shaping operation is good at full load, it can generate 2000 kwh of electricity every day. Now, 8. The displacement measurement error: ± 1% is incorporated into the national electricity, enjoying the national subsidy. It is estimated that the annual income can be increased by nearly 2million yuan. The annual production of organic fertilizer can reach more than 300 tons, and the price of this pollution-free organic fertilizer produced from biogas residue is about 500 yuan per ton. Taken together, these two items can increase the income of the farm by more than 2million yuan per year. Moreover, biogas slurry and biogas residue can also be used as fertilizer sources for organic vegetable bases. This recycling mode not only solves the pollution problem of farms, but also brings considerable economic benefits

Liudong, deputy director of Shijiazhuang new energy office, introduced that this "breeding biogas planting" waste recycling mode is a direction of new energy development. In addition, for the construction of large-scale biogas projects, the technical problems of Jinan test steel hammer electronic universal experimental machine can also enjoy state subsidies. For example, the biogas power station of Jinxin Dairy Co., Ltd. cost more than 3million yuan, of which 1.7 million yuan was subsidized by governments at all levels, and the rest was self raised by enterprises. At present, 39 large-scale biogas projects have been built and are under construction in manzhuang city. This year, Shijiazhuang declared 14 large and medium-sized biogas projects to the state

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