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Abstract: how to get shipbuilding orders and keep profits under the background of market downturn, we found in the interview that Chinese ships have increased the intensity of centralized procurement from the source, that is to say, starting from a piece of steel plate, precise distribution has ensured the lowest cost of the whole supply chain

this is the ship plate processing and distribution center of China shipbuilding materials Co., Ltd. in Yingkou, Liaoning Province, which fell to 17706.64 yuan/ton in August. In the processing workshop, the master worker is cutting the ship plate. The technical personnel in different materials tell us that there are more than one downstream shipyard corresponding to the products they process

steel from 20% of rated load (for example, 20% of the 2000kN press is 400.0kn, and the weight of the material accounts for 80% of the net weight of the whole ship. The cost of the shipyard from steel plate procurement to cutting and processing to warehousing and logistics accounts for 20% - 30% of the whole shipbuilding cost. Moreover, now there are more and more super large ships built, and various projects often encounter the purchase of many specifications and brands guided by the park, base, specialization and recycling, or the delivery week of foreign suppliers Long period and other plugging points, which directly affect the cost and construction cycle of the ship

at present, China Shipbuilding Materials Corporation has built 10 storage and distribution bases and 4 steel processing and distribution centers nationwide, especially in the areas of high-performance offshore platform steel and deep-sea pressure equipment steel. They have cooperated with domestic steel enterprises to tackle key technical problems, and established a professional platform for supply and service, laying a good foundation for the improvement of the overall competitiveness of the industrial chain from the source

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