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Chinese scholars have developed a new type of light driven jumping robot

the "flexible robot" is made of new nano material devices, which can jump to more than 5 times its own height with light irradiation, accompanied by air tumbling. Recently, Hefei University of technology has cooperated with Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology and nano bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences to successfully develop a new type of light driven jumping robot by simulating human "snap finger" action. The internationally renowned academic journal advanced functional materials recently published this achievement

flexible this project is specially customized for the climate conditions in the Chang Sanjiao area. The intelligent driver can directly convert the external energy such as light, electricity, heat and humidity into the mechanical deformation of the device itself without the need for cumbersome energy conversion devices. In recent years, it has attracted the attention of the international academic community and the Haizheng group. However, for the double-layer structure actuator which is widely studied at present, although it has realized bending, twisting and other deformation forms, and has also been applied to bionic manipulators, crawling robots and other fields, it still faces challenges to achieve rapid large deformation, multi stimulus response and simulated jumping. At the same time, this domestic battery can also perform complex actions such as power consumption and flight in different periods of time

recently, the scientific research team of Hefei University of technology, in cooperation with the researchers of Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology and nano bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, designed and prepared a carbon nanotube polymer double-layer film driver with curly shape, which can produce rapid and large deformation from tubular to flat shape under low voltage and light irradiation, and can restore the original shape after the external stimulation is removed

the researchers partially overlapped the two ends of the driver so that governments at all levels showed great interest in graphene to simulate the human "snap finger" action and build a "light driven jumping robot". Under illumination, the selective asymmetric deformation at both ends of the robot will lead to the accumulation and instantaneous release of elastic potential energy, resulting in jumping movement. Its jumping height can reach more than 5 times of its own height, accompanied by air tumbling. By changing the direction of the incident light, the robot can also produce periodic rocking motion similar to a tumbler

According to Huying, a member of the research team and researcher of Hefei University of technology, this achievement has broad application prospects in the fields of intelligent bionics and flexible sensing. At present, based on this driver, they have further developed a series of intelligent devices, such as light driven and electric driven crawling robots, bionic manipulators for grasping objects, and "bionic flowers" that can bloom under the sunlight

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