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China's power equipment enterprises still have a long way to go. The government work report points out that China encourages the export of large complete sets of equipment such as communications, railways and power stations, so as to make China's equipment famous all over the world. The government work report has made arrangements for creating a new situation of high-level opening up, and proposed "supporting enterprises to build their own brands and international marketing networks"

when Chinese enterprises develop to a certain stage, it is inevitable to go out

if you don't go out, you will encounter the "ceiling", and if you go out, you will have a vast sky; If we do not set our sights on the world, our development will be limited. Only by actively participating in international market competition can we win the initiative of internationalization. Some experts suggested that power equipment enterprises should get rid of the disadvantage of late development when "going global"

in fact, the "going global" of equipment enterprises is ushering in new opportunities. 3. The sample was not clamped during the test. On the one hand, global investment liberalization continued to advance. In recent years, among the new policies issued by various countries, the policies in favor of foreign investors still account for a significant majority. On the other hand, the international financial crisis since 2008 has led the United States and Europe to believe that with the joint efforts of all of us, the capital chain of enterprises in developed economies is tight, and the market value of enterprises has shrunk significantly, providing a rare strategic opportunity for Chinese enterprises to acquire advanced technology, R & D capabilities, international brands and international sales channels through low-cost mergers and acquisitions. Nowadays, more and more countries have begun to attach importance to attracting investment from Chinese enterprises. The governments of Poland and other countries and several US states have set up liaison offices in China to attract investment from Chinese enterprises and promise to provide preferential policies

after power equipment enterprises enter the international market, how to solve the late developing disadvantage is a very important issue. These control systems include three closed-loop control problems. First, we are novices. Almost all our competitors are international super players. Second, we are new faces. All the markets have long been divided up. It is even more difficult to squeeze in

indeed, China's power equipment enterprises "go global" late. Most "go global" enterprises only go abroad and venture into the international market after the reform and opening up. There is a certain gap in experience, management level and brand awareness compared with western large companies with a history of multinational operation for hundreds of years. We are "latecomers". Therefore, the seats in the international market have already been scheduled. If a "latecomer" wants to squeeze in and share a piece of cake, it is undoubtedly a "tiger's mouth snatching food", and its difficulty can be imagined

foreign investment and international operation of equipment enterprises face "late developing disadvantages". Under the fierce competition, they are forced to enter countries and regions with relatively high political risks and bear various risks such as political instability, policy instability, overseas property and personal security threats. Accordingly, the procurement volume of some high-quality powder resources has been increased. The overall demand is acceptable. Equipment enterprises' overseas investment faces discriminatory treatment in some countries. Some countries have doubts and concerns about China's rise, and have taken restrictive measures against the investment and trade activities of Chinese enterprises; Some countries restrict Chinese enterprises from investing in so-called "sensitive" areas

we should take the road that developed countries have taken for hundreds of years in the shortest time. Facing the disadvantage of late development, the "going out" enterprises have no choice but to bear more hardships and pay more hardships than others, persevere, innovate and strive, constantly improve brand value and enhance their competitiveness, so as to "go out" can be more stable

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