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China reacted quickly: watch out for French beef

on January 10, the State Administration for entry exit inspection and Quarantine issued the notice on strengthening the inspection of Listeria in French meat products, requiring local inspection and quarantine institutions to carry out Listeria inspection on all meat products imported from France, and only meat products that do not contain Listeria can be imported; All goods containing Listeria that must be verified by the legal metrological verification department shall be destroyed or returned. According to relevant experts from the State Administration of entry exit inspection and quarantine, Listeria is an sporadic bacterium existing in mammals and birds, which is transmitted through the digestive tract, respiratory tract, eye conjunctiva and damaged skin. The infected animals have weakened eyesight, stagger, often do circular movements, and finally die of coma. The human body has strong immunity to this pathogen due to its unique honeycomb structure, so healthy people will not get sick due to Listeria infection. However, some people with low body immunity, such as patients in the re stretching test, pregnant women and the elderly, are vulnerable to infection due to their poor resistance. It is understood that at present, China's meat products imported from France are only limited to a small amount of pork products

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