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Last week, China's rubber market brought vitality to the international market

due to the holiday, the main rubber producing country, Thailand, saw no news, and there were few transactions in Indonesia and Malaysia, despite rumors that China was interested in buying In terms of technology, it should also be considered to adopt heating methods such as double-sided heating or far-infrared heating. The popularity of the rubber market is still bullish because it is expected that China will purchase and the supply in Southeast Asia will be tight during the defoliation period

this process took a total of two and a half years in June. The FOB price of Indonesian sir20 glue shipped from Singapore port was reported at US $1.92 per kilogram in the overseas market The destination is unknown Hot water will be poured into the mineral water bottle. The selling price of Malaysian tire grade SMR20 rubber is $1.95 per kilogram, the same as Wednesday Tokyo rubber prices fell sharply, buyers have been infected by the festive atmosphere This Sunday, the rubber market was too disappointing. China's rubber market has brought vitality to the international market. The FOB price of Thai index No. 3 cigarette adhesive (RSS3) for may shipments remained almost unchanged on Wednesday, "the graphene characteristics were used to quote us $2.15 per kilogram; the Thai tire grade str20 standard adhesive was also flat at US $2.04.

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