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According to Jane's Defense Weekly on October 31, the Ministry of Defense (MDN) of the people's Republic of Algeria revealed that Algeria has purchased two types of Chinese made UAVs, rainbow 3 and upgraded rainbow 4. These UAVs have been officially delivered to the Algerian army aviation force for use. This is the first type of UAV equipped in the country

rainbow 3 for reporting flight at Algerian air force base source: social media

this was revealed by Algerian Ministry of defense when chief of staff Ahmed gadsalah visited Algeria and more than 70000 professional visitors from more than 50 countries and regions and the air force base of the first military region of Algeria on October 30

for CH-4 exposed by Algerian TV station, pay attention to the antenna source on its back: social media

Al and friction force are detected by pressure sensors and eventually transmitted to the computer for data processing and drawing friction coefficient curve. According to the video released by Algerian TV station, lieutenant general Salah visited CH-4 and the smaller ch-3 UAVs in a hangar, as well as their take-off and flight photos. The UAV visited by Salah is not equipped with weapons, but is equipped with weapon mounting points. On the hangar wall, there are photos of weapons and pods carried by these two types of UAVs

this is another order for Rainbow series UAVs in North Africa after Egypt. At the same time, this is also the first type of UAV equipped by Algeria. From the exposed photos, such as BASF and Bayer, we can see that the Afghan army version of CH-4 has three more antennas on the back, which may be due to the addition of a new data link to match the Afghan army system. As a major military purchaser in the Mediterranean region, Algeria has about 100 Russian made third-generation aircraft and US made early warning aircraft, and its air force is still relatively strong

Algeria previously imported plz-45 self-propelled artillery, SR-5 rocket and other equipment made in China. Algeria also purchased the CX-1 supersonic cruise missile made in China, which is a "regular customer" of China's arms sales

Chinese SR-5 modular long-range rocket purchased by Algerian army source: social media

plz-45 self-propelled gun purchased by Algerian army source: Social Media

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