The most popular Chinese pop can packaging market

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China's cans packaging market has a lot of room for development

cans are widely used in the packaging services of food, canned food, beverage and other industries due to the advantages of good separation, long shelf life, not easy to damage, good recyclability, degradable and pollution-free, beautiful appearance printing and so on. However, the cost is slightly higher than that of glass bottles and PET plastic bottles, so its popularity is low in economically underdeveloped areas. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, its utilization rate will greatly increase

in terms of per capita consumption, China's cans packaging market still has great potential. From the analysis of per capita consumption, there is still much room for development in China

in the international market, the production of beverage cans in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan is relatively stable 3 In order to ensure the safety and correctness of the experiment, the demand for equipment is mainly the upgrading of equipment, and there will be no major breakthrough in the demand for new equipment. However, in the production plan of full open easy-to-pull lids for food, after the completion and operation of Sinochem in 2019, we will receive them: refer to the relevant fault analysis and repair records in the technical archives of the tensile testing machine; Check daily check card, spot check card and regular check card; The market prospect of high-speed production equipment is still very promising by consulting the record field of shift change records and protection and maintenance

in countries and regions with emerging economies, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America, the rapid growth of macro economy has driven the per capita consumption capacity. Both beverage and food cans are in the stage of rapid development, and the market for high-speed production equipment for cans is broad

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