Decoration methods that will cause men not to love

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1. The left side is too strong:

looking out from home, the left side is followed by the right side. The left side represents men and the right side represents women. If the left side is too strong, the husband will be too strong. The left side includes indoor and outdoor. For example, there are very high cabinets and cabinets on the left side of the living room, but there is almost nothing on the right side. It is very extreme. Or you can see from the balcony that there may be a tall building or a big hillside on the left outside, But nothing on the right counts. If you are strong on the left, you will be affected by the relationship. The man who lives in this home will become stronger and stronger, that is, the husband will become stronger and stronger, and more and more big men will not listen to their wife

2. Decoration too much:

the so-called decoration too much is to decorate the home like a hotel, or five lights, like a lounge or art gallery. As soon as you decorate it, you will think that your husband will start to be distracted. When he sees such things every day on this occasion, his psychology begins to fluctuate. For example, he will sneak away for a drink at night, so that his wife can't control him

3. No sense of family, cold silence

so my husband feels that life is very cold and there is no warmth at home. Of course, he runs out every day

4. To the driveway:

usually refers to the bedroom on the first floor. If there is a driveway next to the bedroom on the first floor, or the driveway entrance and exit of the whole community, if your bedroom is just outside the driveway, the male owner even if he doesn't want to go out, he feels good when he sees the car enter, as if there is something still hasn't been done. When he sees the car go out, he also wants to go out, and even if there is nothing, it's easy to go out and find something to do, At this time, it's certainly not easy for you as a wife to take care of your husband

5. There are two toilets:

the toilet usually has only one door, either facing or a sealed suite, but some people will design it into two for convenience. In fact, this is a very bad design, because when a person is in the toilet, that is, when it is the most secret, there are two doors, which will make you pay attention to whether someone on both sides knocks on the door to enter at any time. The privacy and security are insufficient, My husband will naturally lose control

6. Hanging on all sides:

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a house is very high, and the one that hangs down next to it is called hanging on all sides. Some villas are in a high place, and it will not be hanging on all sides. It may have a backer on one side and the Taipei Basin on the other side. This is of course very good, but if there is no backer, it will be very dangerous. First, the wind blows hard, which is not good for your health. Second, it is easy to attract thieves, The third is that the male host is high and won't listen to others. Of course, he won't listen to his wife! There are 3 pages in total. First page 123 next page

don't you know who may frame you around? You can know from your face! Teach you how to use your hands and faces to catch those people with small minds

first, the seal hall is narrow, and at the same time, the seal hall between the eyebrows is too narrow, and the seal hall between the eyebrows is very short. This kind of heart is narrow, and you can't see others well. If someone praises someone in front of him for working hard, he may say something unpleasant on the spot. A person like this will be more laborious, because he is afraid that the credit will be taken away if things are explained, so he will do everything by himself. If your supervisor is so oriented, don't compete with him for credit. Even if the credit is yours, you should give him all the credit, so as to avoid him dragging his feet behind you

second, the palm is broken, and there is a herringbone pattern under the index finger

this palmistry leads to a cautious eye, which focuses on money. This person is very fussy about money and accounting. He may donate 1million yuan to the orphanage, but if he does business with him, he must calculate it clearly. Because of this clear attitude, people with this palmistry usually have little money, and he will calculate all the expenditure items clearly, Even if it is a donation, it may be because this donation can win a good reputation, and such a good reputation can earn him more wealth, so it is impossible to get benefits from him

third, the bridge of the nose is protruding, and there are three white eyes at the same time

people with this face not only cannot see others, but also have a strong revenge mentality. If a very beautiful girl is a roommate with him, he may do something in this beautiful roommate's cosmetics to make this roommate no longer beautiful. In front of such people, don't praise others too much, because he is very good at remembering, so you should praise him more at this time. Although you can't get any benefit from praising a person with such a face, at least he won't cut you. Be more careful when speaking in front of him. If you can, you'd better stay away from such a person

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