Lanzhou decoration company lost more than 30000 ci

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On August 25, the police of Jiayuguan Road police station in Chengguan District of Lanzhou arrested the suspect Yang who was suspected of fraud in Yongdeng County

in late July, the police of Jiayuguan Road police station received many complaints from the masses during their work on paihong South Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou city. A young man from the South disappeared after collecting residents' cash in the family courtyard of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission under the jurisdiction of the police station on the grounds of paying a deposit for housing decoration. According to Ms. Wang, a resident, she has a house in a family courtyard under the jurisdiction of Jiayuguan road. In late July, her family is going to find a decoration company to decorate their new house. At this time, a man said that he opened a decoration company. After discussing the decoration plan and price, both parties also signed the decoration contract and paid a deposit. But wait until the day of decoration, but the man could not be contacted

after receiving the alarm, the police of the Institute retrieved the video data, visited and verified, and finally determined the identity of the suspect. On August 25, the police successfully arrested the suspect Yang in Yongdeng County. It is understood that Yang is from Leichang village, sanfutan Town, Xiantao City, Hubei Province. Its official seal and company name are forged. After a sudden trial, Yang confessed his crime of swindling 34000 yuan in cash on the grounds of collecting residents' decoration funds since April 2014

at present, Yang has been criminally detained





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