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Time passes quietly,


there are only two days left in 2017,

we are going to bid farewell to 2017,

welcome the arrival of 2018


Angel doors and windows thank all the family for their hard work,

to contribute to the development of the brand


let's summarize the top ten events of Ingres doors and windows in 2017

1. The 2017 annual meeting of excellent dealers was successfully concluded

on February 17, 2017, the four-day "2017 annual meeting of excellent dealers of angel doors and windows" was successfully concluded

after four days of exchange and discussion, dealers have benefited a lot. The meeting is appropriate to the current situation of terminal marketing operations, and comprehensively solves the problems perplexing dealers' operation and management. The brand upgrading strategy of angel doors and windows is an important guarantee for dealers to obtain market competitive advantage, open a new market pattern, and bring new operation and management modes to dealers

2. The exhibition hall is reinstalled, and the VI image is newly upgraded.

the company's exhibition hall is re planned and renovated, and daga design, a well-known design in the industry, is invited, combined with the decoration style of new Chinese products, to create a better experience effect, so that customers can truly experience the private customization of angel door and window products and the style of your family

3. The online selection activity of "2017 top ten brands of doors and windows"

"2017 top ten brands of doors and windows recommended by China building materials network" has attracted widespread attention in the industry since its launch. On May 18, 2017, the selection results were released. After months of intense voting and the comprehensive evaluation of the expert jury, angel doors and windows has been recognized by the professional jury and consumers with its comprehensive strength, product quality and consumer reputation, Won the title of "2017 top ten brands of doors and windows"

On July 10, 2017, Ingres doors and windows won another honor and was invited to attend the "2017 national customized home & aluminum doors and windows industry excellent brand award ceremony" organized by Huiya media and China Construction Expo. Hundreds of dealers and brand representatives from all over the country were invited to gather together to witness the announcement of the honor award. Angel doors and windows stood out among many brands and won the title of "consumer favorite brand"

5. Appreciation of real-life product cases

doors and windows are the "eyes" of a good house. If they are beautiful, the heart will be bright. Doors and windows introduce the light of the sun that breeds life into the room, which can resist the invasion of cold wind in cold times. In hot seasons, it can block wind, rain and dust and absorb the air of new wind. In order to let customers deeply understand the charm of angel doors and windows products, angel doors and windows entered the customer's home and took real photos of the products, just to show the good doors and windows of China in front of you

6. Product evaluation, good doors and windows are not afraid of inspection

good doors and windows are not afraid of inspection. In August 2017, the professional product evaluation team of China building materials network entered the angel door and window exhibition hall. After comprehensive testing, angel door and window products not only solve the basic functions of building doors and windows, such as ventilation, lighting, wind and rain protection, but also have excellent performance in terms of sound insulation, heat insulation, water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, etc. besides having good sound insulation and heat insulation functions, they also spend a lot of attention on product details, effectively protecting consumers' personal safety and enjoying the fun of life

7, "affectionate Mid Autumn Festival happy National Day" national promotion activity

in order to thank dealers and consumers around the country for their long-term support for angel doors and windows, in golden autumn October, the company organized a "affectionate Mid Autumn Festival happy National Day" National Grand promotion activity to repay consumers with low discounts and let more customers choose Angel doors and windows

8. Explosive products come into the market, 99K casement windows and 109K casement windows

in 2017, the R & D personnel of Ingres doors and windows went deep into the front-line research of the national market, combined with the development needs of the industry and found the changes in consumers' consumption choices of high-end doors and windows, strengthened product innovation, and developed 99K casement windows and 109K casement windows. Since this product came into the market, it has been favored and recognized by consumers and sold well all over the country

9. The JD flagship store project was officially launched.

with the development of the information age and the surge in the number of Internet users, the Internet plays an increasingly important role in people's daily life. Network marketing is the general trend. In order to meet the needs of consumers in the network age, angel windows launched the JD flagship store project in October, combining o2o online and offline, opening up a new path of enterprise development and interest growth, Provide products and services that satisfy consumers

10. The whole line of anti-aircraft artillery advertisements has been upgraded.

after a year of efforts and struggle, on the arrival of 2018, angel windows and doors will spend a lot of money to vigorously create the brand advertising slogan of "safe doors and windows, enjoy life", and put new clothes on all our anti-aircraft artillery advertisements. I believe that after a year of efforts and precipitation, 2018 will be a bumper year


Angel doors and windows - safe doors and windows, enjoy life, focus on high-end customized doors and windows, and has won the titles of top ten brands of doors and windows, models of door and window artisans, consumer favorite brands, etc., providing high-end customized door and window products for thousands of villas and high-end Decorated Residences every year





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