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A clean and tidy home environment is the foundation of a healthy and harmonious family. As an important member of the home environment, wood flooring is very necessary to have a good cleaning. So, how to clean the floor? How to keep the floor as bright as new at any time? Next, let's tell you the tips of wood floor maintenance. 1. Wax the surface of the floor irregularly, which can reduce the wear of the paint and keep the floor as bright as new. 2. Keep the floor dry and clean. Use a soft wet towel that is wrung dry. In wet seasons or areas, it is not suitable to use a wet mop to clean the floor or directly use water. 3. Prevent strong and lasting sun exposure or rain soaking the floor. Prevent the balcony, bathroom, study and other places from overflowing. Please turn off the faucet when you travel or cut off the water. Avoid the cold and hot air of household appliances such as air conditioners blowing directly and baking the floor, and avoid the external wind blowing directly on the floor when you open windows and doors for a long time. 4. Prevent heavy, sharp and hard impact on the floor. Heavy objects or heavy furniture and other parts in contact with the floor should be padded with protective pads to avoid paint wear and scratches. 5. Don't be too dry or wet. For rooms that are not occupied for a long time or often, put a few pots of water in the room and keep the water volume, or use a humidifier to make up for the water evaporated due to the opening of indoor and outdoor heating. Generally, the indoor temperature is 0 ℃ -30 ℃, and the indoor humidity is 50% - 80%, so as to avoid the dryness, shrinkage, expansion and deformation of the wooden floor





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